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Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014
The Haro crew headed to fairly unknown territory to experience life in Southeast Asia. Check the print article in the December Ride BMX magazine. 
Thanks so much to our tour guide Shahrul Reezwan.

Starring Mike Gray, Matthias Dandois, Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enarson.

Team Manager - Colin Mackay.

Haro Malaysia video by Christian Rigal.

Monday, Nov 24, 2014

You all ready for this? Haro Malaysia video drops tomorrow… Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray and Matthias Dandois. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal. RIDE BMX will have a photo gallery to go with the video.

Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

The Vans Rebeljam is going on today in London. Haro riders are Thomas Benedetti (HARO France) Matthias Dandois (HARO) Vincent Mayne (HARO UK.)

Finals tonight.

Livestream of the finals will be shown at Starts at 6:30pm London time. 1:30pm EST USA

Photo by Bart DeJong.

Friday, Nov 21, 2014

Get rad this weekend like our staff Product Manager Kellen LeBlanc. He’s riding the 84 Dominguez Sport.

Photo via Ryan Fudger | Ride BMX.

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014

Our recent Malaysia trip content is starting to come out. The new December Ride BMX magazine has a six page article plus Tyler’s Haro ad was shot on that trip as well.

Tuesday the 25th of November we drop the video by Christian Rigal along with a fresh gallery on Ride BMX.

Dig BMX has a gallery going up of Enarson’s 35mm film pics.

Photo of Tyler Fernengel by Colin Mackay.

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014

Blyther and Nourie at the volume 2 launch. 

Haro started its roots in BMX in 1978. That was a long time ago! We have started turning back time and documenting the amazing past via print with our historian Dom Phipps and we’re just releasing volume 2, it reflects on the 87-93 period.

Ride BMX came to the launch party last weekend in San Diego that included Haro and Freestyle legends of past and present, and everyone had an amazing night. Lots of old stories were told!

"Knowing your history, especially in BMX, is a very under-appreciated notion…," Ryan Fudger, Ride BMX.

Keep an eye on the Haro History site for ordering details. Volume 1 and 2 will be sold together, or you can order them separately.