Sunday, Aug 2, 2015

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Super congrats to Dennis Enarson​ winning today’s Van Doren Invitational at the US Open in Huntington Beach.

Full results and runs are up on the US Open site.

Dennis rode his signature Haro SD bike today.

Saturday, Aug 1, 2015

The King of the Skateparks Tribute jam went down at the Vans Huntington Beach park today. Mike D rocked up, Andy Shohara, Mark McGylnn and DMC were blasting airs and there were sooo many cool Haro’s getting around! BMX rules.

Haro History has more mouth watering gems.

Photo’s by Colin Mackay.

Saturday, Aug 1, 2015

One of the most respected bike riders on the planet, Dennis Enarson gets a Haro Destinations interview on the site. Listen to what the man has to say!

Photography by Brad McDonald.

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015


He’s been running BMX events for 30 years and he still gets some laps in when he can. Dennis McCoy is dedicated to BMX.

8:36am Can in the deep-end.

Photo by Justin Kosman.

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

Dennis Enarson is getting sideways out there! Qualifying is Friday at 11am pacific. Live online at Ride BMX or with DMC and Mike Escamilla as hosts.

Photos by Colin Mackay.

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

Two Haro FST’s and a Haro Lineage. Tyler Fernengel, DMC and Colin Mackay at the Vans US Open, Van Doren Invitational.

Photo by Justin Kosman.

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Tyler Fernengel is enjoying the U.S. Open event in Huntington Beach, CA. Contest goes down on Friday and again on Sunday. Live stream online!

Blyther Haro FST on deck!

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Super congrats to Matthias Dandois for taking the win at The Voodoo Jam in New Orleans. Matthias won this event back in ‘07 and '09 so he was really happy to take the win again in 2015.

Photo by Aaron Nardi.

Matthias rides his signature frame and fork, Haro La Bastille.

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

The Vans US Open is going on at Huntington Beach, CA this week. Friday is prelims and Sunday is High-Air and finals.

Jason Watts is out injured this year, look for Haro riders Tyler Fernengel, Maxime Charveron, Dean Cueson and Dennis Enarson.

Matthias Dandois is doing demo’s daily at 6pm

Live feed online with presenters DMC and Mike Escamilla.

Monday, Jul 27, 2015

We’re lucky to have Dean Cueson over from the UK. He’s here for the Vans US Open, Van Doren Invitational which begins this week in Huntington Beach. Competition is Friday and finals Sunday.

Dean has a new Lineage frame in red and he can’t wait to blast to the moon on it!

Saturday, Jul 25, 2015

Hope you find time to get out and do some manuals this weekend.

Tyler Fernengel riding his driveway yesterday.

Video: Kane Bennewith

Friday, Jul 24, 2015

Drain lip Whip from Tyler Fernengel on his Haro Lineage.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

BMX too small for you? We built some 1985 tribute FST’s in 24" to cruise on. These are limited edition!

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015

Repost from Alans BMX in the UK, with some of our Lineage parts. We really focused on the product and the packaging with this line.

Hope you like what we’re doing!

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Tyler Fernengel​ dropped in on this Michigan monument in 2013 and scored a DIG BMX Magazine​ cover for his fearless attitude. Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of what went down is this new EYE SHOT series.

Monday, Jul 20, 2015

Ryan Nyquist taps the front brake to keep the bars stable in the air for this trick. Don’t try it without a front brake!

Joey Cobbs photo.

Sunday, Jul 19, 2015

This makes no sense. 20ft long G-Turn from Matthias Dandois on his signature Haro La Bastille frame and fork.

Friday, Jul 17, 2015


Blasting a Vert ramp is legendary and Simon Tabron does it really well. BMX has many disciplines, try them all!

Photo by Justin Kosman.

Friday, Jul 17, 2015

The new Lineage frame in red! 20.5", 20.75" and 21" available. Know your history!

Photo by Brad McNicol.

Thursday, Jul 16, 2015

One of Canada’s finest Mike Gray dipping on his Haro SDv2.

Photo by Joey Cobb.

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