Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

Maxime Charveron got a crazy clip tonight on this setup at Tres Palmas.

Love having Maxime on the road with us in Puerto Rico!

Photo by Colin Mackay.

Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Good morning Puerto Rico! The boys flew in late last night but are up and about now.

Heading to Quebradillas park soon..

Friday, Nov 27, 2015

Black Friday sales going on! Hit up your favorite shop online or in person and see what deals they have.

Here’s a black Matthias Dandois “La Bastille” frame and Lineage bars and stem to tempt you!

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

Here’s a throwback to last years Haro trip to Malaysia. Tyler Fernengel with a Footjam fakie by Colin Mackay.

Tomorrow we arrive in Puerto Rico! Quebradillas park around 1pm Saturday and on Sunday catch us at Tres Palmas in San Juan at 6pm.

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Our young Am Jadin Covert has been out filming and shooting pics on his Haro La Bastille set up. This kid rules!

Photo by Joey Cobbs for Haro BMX.

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Tyler Fernengel has signature Demolition Parts to complement your Haro Lineage build.

Clip by Doeby.

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Our friends at Haro China put out a team video. Pretty to cool to see what they have going on!

This is the first time that HARO BMX China team riders got squad together and shacked up deep in the heart of China one week-Shanghai Tour. Our team riders are Cheng Chiaohung (Taipei), Zhang Zhiyong (Shenzhen), Huang Wenting (Chengdu), Zhao Chongyu (Shenyang), Kang Shiyi( Urumqi), Wei Lifu (Nanning), Liu Haina (Shenyang).

Video by Liang Lemin.

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Looking for a bike in the $500US range? The 2016 Interstate is available in 2 sizes, 20.5" and 21" in either burgundy or dark blue.

Monday, Nov 23, 2015

Puerto Rico! We’re dropping through for a visit. We’ll be at the Quebradillas park on Saturday afternoon and Sunday night 6pm at Tres Palmas, San Juan.

Come meet up if you live in PR!

Enarson, Watts, Matthias, Maxime, Fernengel, Gray and a special guest..

Sunday, Nov 22, 2015

Enarson with the Corpus Christi, TX locals. Should have a video for you real soon…

Photo by @devonhutchins

Saturday, Nov 21, 2015

Barcelona has been THE spot for ride-able architecture for a long time. Tyler Fernengel got to check the place out with Redbull and they documented his visit.

Tyler rides a Haro Lineage frame and Lineage forks.

Friday, Nov 20, 2015

It’s the weekend. Time to get rad!

Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

Jason Watts carves for the kids of Corpus Christi, TX.

The Pedal Shop video coming soon… @devonhutchins photo for Haro.

Jason is wearing the new Patch T!

Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

How sick is the all new 2016 Dennis Enarson Haro SDv2 complete! It comes with a freecoaster and Demolition parts. Available now!

Photo: People’s Store Germany

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

DMC & Joe Johnson. Masters of Vert! via @snakebitebmx

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

Jason Watts and Dennis Enarson spent Saturday in Corpus Christi, Texas for The Pedal Bicycle Shop.

Photo by @devonhutchins

Video coming soon!!!

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

Here’s a cool promo from Haro Bmx Franceā€˜s Maxime Charveron and filmmaker Hadrien Picard for Pro Bike Shop.

Maxime’s choice of bike is the Haro La Bastille frame and Lineage parts.

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015

Re-posting Friday’s offer that is still up for grabs…

As a lover of all things BMX, It’s not often you get the chance to own a stellar piece of history, while making a difference to a worthy cause. Beginning Friday November 13th, at 12.00pm PST, Haro Bikes auctions the serial number 005 from its 2012, Haro Freestyle 30th Anniversary reissue project. The first ten serial numbers of the 300 made were produced, and then withheld for exactly this purpose, to encourage this great community of riders, collectors and historians, to bid well and take home the Haro family jewels. This frame and fork set, in its stunning presentation case could be yours, with all auction proceeds going directly to the Cancer battling Pablove foundation.

To place your bid (starting at $999), email to… and good luck!

Here’s the frame and fork on offer, and here’s one built up to show how it could look!

Monday, Nov 16, 2015

Check out Ryan Nyquist blasting at Clairemont down in San Diego.

Photo by Joey Cobbs for Haro BMX.

Sunday, Nov 15, 2015

That new Lineage colorway!!! It was a real pain to get these done with the back end chrome, hope you appreciate it! These are available NOW!

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