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Thursday, Nov 20, 2014

Our recent Malaysia trip content is starting to come out. The new December Ride BMX magazine has a six page article plus Tyler’s Haro ad was shot on that trip as well.

Tuesday the 25th of November we drop the video by Christian Rigal along with a fresh gallery on Ride BMX.

Dig BMX has a gallery going up of Enarson’s 35mm film pics.

Photo of Tyler Fernengel by Colin Mackay.

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014

Blyther and Nourie at the volume 2 launch. 

Haro started its roots in BMX in 1978. That was a long time ago! We have started turning back time and documenting the amazing past via print with our historian Dom Phipps and we’re just releasing volume 2, it reflects on the 87-93 period.

Ride BMX came to the launch party last weekend in San Diego that included Haro and Freestyle legends of past and present, and everyone had an amazing night. Lots of old stories were told!

"Knowing your history, especially in BMX, is a very under-appreciated notion…," Ryan Fudger, Ride BMX.

Keep an eye on the Haro History site for ordering details. Volume 1 and 2 will be sold together, or you can order them separately.

Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014


Dom Phipps getting ready to set up for the book release of Haro BMX new “The Rise of BMX Freestyle 2.”Who is excited to see this?!!!

Monday, Nov 17, 2014

Vital BMX posted a gallery from Saturday nights The Rise of BMX Freestyle book 2 launch party. Haro team riders old and new were there for it including Hoffman, McCoy, Fernengel and Gray plus many more! 

You can get a copy beginning later this week in the US on the Haro History site.

Monday, Nov 17, 2014


Eben Krackau showing his part in the new Haro BMX book!! Who is excited for this!? 🙋 I am!

Monday, Nov 17, 2014

Here’s a perfect first BMX bike for kids aged 8-14. Under $300 the all new 2015 Downtown model comes in two sizes and three colors. Red, white and black with blue tires.

Thursday, Nov 13, 2014

Lumia Pureviews is a mobile device. They got Dennis Enarson and Ronnie Napolitan over to Portugal to film a web vid with just those cameras and it turned out really good!

Video by Hadrien Picard.

Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014

Here’s the two launch party dates going on for Volume 2 of our book series.

This Saturday November 15th in San Diego, La Jolla, CA from 6pm

And The UK premiere is Saturday December 13 at the House of Vans London.

All are welcome, but please reserve a entry pass by RSVP

DMC will be at both parties. Hoffman will be at the La Jolla event.

This book covers the years between 1987 - 1993 and features a history of high profile ex Haro riders including Mat Hoffman, Rick Moliterno, Mike King, Lee Reynolds and Haro’s only pro skater; Jim Gray. Most, if not every rider that represented Haro through the early 1980’s will be at the party. The book will be available to purchase at the venue.

Volume 1 premiere video if you’re interested.

Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014

Finally got around to developing some 35mm film off a Sprocket Rocket camera.

Jason Watts, Outer Banks North Carolina, 2013.

Photo by Colin Mackay

Monday, Nov 3, 2014


Happy Halloween!

Monday, Nov 3, 2014

French Blue Haro La Bastille. Our new pro signature model Hybrid frame. Strong and responsive. Designed, tested and proven by Matthias Dandois. Out December 2014.

The frame will come in three top tube length options, 19.5”, 20.25”, 21”.
Specs: 75.5 head tube. 13.3” rear.

Friday, Oct 31, 2014

Matt Cordova shared a part with his older brother Joey on Crooked World BMX. These two are keeping BMX steezy! Classic BMX style at it’s best.

Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

Missing the fun times in Austin, Texas. Casey Smith loved it too.

Photo - Colin Mackay

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014

Matt Cordova spotted on the Demolition site blasting as usual.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

DMC had this to say when I asked to explain what is going on here on this BMX Plus cover. “360 flip over the box gone wrong.”

He’s sharing the cover with the Captain America Haro bike that was stolen early Monday morning from Haro during a break in.

Photo via Peter Harvey.

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014


If you don’t know I can’t help ya!

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

This was likely my favorite pic of 2013. Seth Klinger's superman seat-grab 3 from our Arizona trip. - Colin Mackay

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

We came up on these dialed custom iPhone cases via Thank you!

Monday, Oct 27, 2014

We gave away Matthias Dandois' old sample frame at Texas Toast. Here’s the winner, really randomly also named Matthias and he actually already rode a Haro too. Congrats and enjoy that prototype Haro La Bastille, production models are out in December. 

Sunday, Oct 26, 2014

Mike Gray got a little creative with some Haro T’s over the weekend.

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