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Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

Missing the fun times in Austin, Texas. Casey Smith loved it too.

Photo - Colin Mackay

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014

Matt Cordova spotted on the Demolition site blasting as usual.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

DMC had this to say when I asked to explain what is going on here on this BMX Plus cover. “360 flip over the box gone wrong.”

He’s sharing the cover with the Captain America Haro bike that was stolen early Monday morning from Haro during a break in.

Photo via Peter Harvey.

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014


If you don’t know I can’t help ya!

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

This was likely my favorite pic of 2013. Seth Klinger's superman seat-grab 3 from our Arizona trip. - Colin Mackay

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

We came up on these dialed custom iPhone cases via Thank you!

Monday, Oct 27, 2014

We gave away Matthias Dandois' old sample frame at Texas Toast. Here’s the winner, really randomly also named Matthias and he actually already rode a Haro too. Congrats and enjoy that prototype Haro La Bastille, production models are out in December. 

Sunday, Oct 26, 2014

Mike Gray got a little creative with some Haro T’s over the weekend.

Friday, Oct 24, 2014

Haro’s Book 2 is dropping November 15th and you’re welcome to join the party in La Jolla, CA. An email from Author Dom Phipps below…

People of the BMX, MTB and Skate world.

It’s my pleasure to announce confirmed details of the US launch party for- The Rise of BMX Freestyle - Volume 2 BMX history book.

This book covers the years between 1987 - 1993 and features a hist of high profile ex Haro riders including Mat Hoffman, Rick Moliterno, Mike King, Lee Reynolds and Haro’s only pro skater; Jim Gray. Most, if not every rider that represented Haro through the early 1980’s will be at the party. The book will be available to purchase at the venue on the evening.

Saturday November 15th 6-11pm at the Karl Strauss Brewery Bar in La Jolla.

We have hired the entire venue, and have an awesome guest list of legendary and modern BMX riders, industry people, photographers and contributors coming together. Email Dom - if you’re interesting in attending.

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

Take a look at our boys at Texas Toast in this all Haro team video. Matt Cordova, Jason Watts, Casey Smith, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson, and Ryan Nyquist feature in the 3 minute part to Judas Priest.

Congrats to Matt Cordova taking the Cow Bell Challenge, Casey winning Veteran High Air, and Dennis Enarson winning Street for the second year in a row.

Make sure you have Toast 2015 in your calendar. It’s the best weekend all year.

Video by Colin Mackay.

Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

At Texas Toast, we rented a house for the week. So much better than getting hotel room’s. Ryan Nyquist made spaghetti one night. Matt Cordova cleaned up all the time and DMC ate all the food. Jason Watts and his mate from Australia Boyd Hilder probably had the most fun and the least sleep.

BMX rules, get out with your crew and have some fun. - Mackay.

Sunday, Oct 19, 2014

Texas Toast 2014 is a wrap. Stoked to be a sponsor of such a fun event celebrating BMX. Dennis Enarson killed it and Colin Mackay is on deck filming a Haro web vid out soon.
Photo by Bart Dejong/ FatBMX.

Saturday, Oct 18, 2014

Matt Cordova qualified for the dirt final at Texas Toast with giant supermans and the best nac in the game all on a Haro Lineage set up. Photo by Casey Smith.

Saturday, Oct 18, 2014

Haro ambassador Casey Smith doing a real look-back air straight from the 80’s at Texas Toast. He won the veteran class high air comp and got a high five from Mat Hoffman. Casey was so stoked!

Photo’s by Colin Mackay.

Friday, Oct 17, 2014

Texas Toast 1 is done and Haro riders take two wins. Matt Cordova won the cow bell challenge and Casey Smith won the Haro Veteran class high air contest.

Tomorrow is qualifying in Dirt and Street.

Photo of Matt by Bart Dejong and he Casey one is by Colin Mackay.

Texas Toast Jam for more info.

Thursday, Oct 16, 2014

Jason Watts knows how to blast a 1/4. Mabel Davis, Austin Texas 10/15/2014.

Photo by Colin Mackay.

Thursday, Oct 16, 2014

Wisconsin’s Casey Smith is in Austin, TX (Shredding here at Mable Davis) and will be hitting Texas Toast this weekend. Casey is a mix of about four generations of BMX it’s a treat to watch. He rides a Haro Lineage with Lineage parts and you’ll see him shred the Haro jam Friday at 3pm at Toast.

Photo’s by Colin Mackay

Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014


Matthias just arrived in USA from France. He’s in Austin, Texas in fact and we just sent him out a new frame color to rock. He’s giving away his used signature caramel La Bastille frame pictured here at Texas Toast this Friday at 3pm at the Haro High Air comp.

Be one of the first to have a Haro La Bastille frame! Not yet available! (Dec 2014.)

Please use #winbastilleframe #texastoast @harobmx @matthiasdandois an entertaining or interesting NEW pic or video on instagram and Matthias will select the winner. Must be at Texas Toast to win it!

Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014

Ride BMX's NORA cup (Number One Rider Award) goes down this Sunday night in Austin, Texas at Emo's. 

Two Haro riders have a big presence in the top five riders up for a prestigious cup.

NORA Cup Readers Choice award - Dennis Enarson and Tyler Fernengel.

NORA Cup Ramp rider - Dennis Enarson.

NORA Cup Web video - Tyler Fernengel. Welcome to MARKIT.

NORA Cup Video part - Dennis Enarson / MARKIT ZERO.

NORA Cup Video - Dennis Enarson and crew MARKIT ZERO.

NORA Cup Street rider - Dennis Enarson.

Congrats to Tyler and Dennis for a fantastic year.

Saturday, Oct 11, 2014

He’s been winning BMX contests for the past 16 years as a professional and he took another win today on some of the biggest jumps ever at RedBull’s Dreamline. Congratulations Ryan Nyquist !!!! Photo: Bart Dejong /fatbmx

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