Monday, Jul 28, 2014

What a week it’s been in The Netherlands. Ups and downs, heartbreaks and victories. So let’s start at the beginning….

Friday practice day was nothing out of the ordinary, with all Haro riders just feeling out the track and getting used to the technical and extremely tight SX track.

Come Saturday morning, with early practices and each rider finalizing their lines throughout the track to prepare for their Time Trial. Hoping to make the Super Final show scheduled for late Saturday night, Nic and Kurt made solid efforts but with a few mistakes just missed out on the show. The margin of error was tenths-hundredths of a second. Brooke and Corben however, make near perfect laps, moving them into the show.

The ultra competitive and growing women’s class offered up a great show that literally came down to the wire in the Super Final. Brooke brought her A game, but with a sport of inches, she barely missed out on the podium. Corben on the other hand, was out there with no intentions of making a single mistake…. In which he successfully completely. After sitting in the hot seat for a decent amount of time, sadly he was edged out by less than a quarter of a second by Sam. Earning himself a silver medal in
The Elite men’s World Championship Super Final.

Moving forward to head to head race day, the team left it all on the table. Corben and Brooke not having to race, for they were pre-qualified, left Nic and Kurt to begin the battle early. Respectfully earning wins in motos, it was now cutthroat time. With the start of the 1/8th finals, it was now single elimination. Only top 4 qualify. The boys all qualify through into the 1/4 finals, where Brooke would finally begin her day. Corben, Brooke, and Nic all progress through awaiting yet even harder competitors.

Kurt, however wasn’t so lucky. With a near holeshot, Kurt tangled with another rider, planting himself hard into the face of a jump. Built like a brick outhouse, Kurt will heal up with no issues and be back winning racing in no time.

Semi finals brought devastation to the hope of any Elite men’s World title medal being brought back to the Haro pits. Nic and Corben were seeded in the same heat, which typically is a great advantage. However, with Corben having trouble with gate timing and Nic locking elbows while in air on the first jump, things were looking grim. Nic had another riders bike locked into his rear end around the whole first turn, putting him out of contention. While Corben was able to make up ground and find his way up near the front, a hit in the second turn would put him on the ground. Ending the men’s hopes of a rainbow jersey.

Brooke, was the last one standing and took her Haro Carbon frame into the Elite Women’s final. With a strong gate and fast leg speed, she was in the hunt for a podium down the front straight. In air, into the first turn Brooke was in a three way battle for first, but having an outside lane choice left her option-less with the inside of the turn wide open. Having no where left to go, Brooke was pushed into the Men’s pro section, giving her a DNF for the final.

It’s not how the team wanted to go out, but with heartbreak and struggle only leaves room for greatness in the future. They will all get back to their training and will be ready for the conclusion of the SX season as well as the USA BMX season. Upwards and onwards, the Haro race team won’t let one unsatisfactory race determine the rest of the season. They’ll heal, rest and be back with that burning desire to win again.

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Saturday, Jul 26, 2014

Your 2014 Elite Men’s TT silver medalist. @csharrah24 has some unmatched skills on a bike and being flawless most of the time as well as stylish is a couple of them. Congrats Maverick!

Saturday, Jul 26, 2014

Haro race team representing the USA @brooooklynnn @csharrah24 and @niclong_64 got another practice then Time Trials today and on to race action tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Thursday, Jul 24, 2014

Be sure you send some good luck to your favorite Haro riders for their participation in the 2014 UCI World Championships!

Monday, Jul 21, 2014

Winner has been chosen!! After going through nearly 650 comments, @t_overman had the most original and perfect comment for this contest. Teagon, go ahead and send a direct message with your address, size and color and we’ll get it sent out to you so you can start winning races! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered. Wish we could give more away but stay tuned for more contests in the future.

Friday, Jul 18, 2014

Winner for the Haro #carbon will be chosen this weekend and announced on Monday! So get your last minute responses in to why you want to win the fastest frame on the market!!

Monday, Jul 14, 2014

Sunday, Jul 13, 2014

Back to where the Dream started to become a reality. #Carbon #2012 📷 @dbetcher44

Saturday, Jul 12, 2014

@csharrah24 making it look easy in PA.

Friday, Jul 11, 2014

Follow @harorace and tell us why you want to win our new carbon frame for your chance to win your size and color of our new carbon frame.

Wednesday, Jul 9, 2014

Summer tour is over and the team is now training for the Worlds coming up in a few weeks. Be sure to wish your favorite Haro Riders good luck and safe travels to the Netherlands. @kurtpickard keeping it stock in PA. 📷 @bmxmania

Sunday, Jul 6, 2014

That’s a wrap! As summer tour comes to an end here’s a recap. Rockford had all three boys in both elite mains. @kurtpickard and @niclong_64 grabbed podiums both days with Kurt grabbing the win on Sunday. Then onto Ohio Dreams and was a blast as usual! The boys geared up and had a day of fishing during the week and all snatching up some lunch. Then the short trip over to Pittsburg, PA to pick up @brooooklynnn to enjoy the final pro series race of the summer. @brooooklynnn of course, showed up completely ready to win. Showing her speed and power, and grabbing both wins and Holeshot awards in elite women. Elite men was a constant battle all weekend amongst all the racers. Day 1 had @kurtpickard showing signs of an early holeshot only to blow a foot midway down the first straight. While @niclong_64 just rode a smooth lap and took a 4th. Day 2 had Kurt and Corben swap places in the main and had Corben grab that $250 holeshot award in main 1, but ultimately securing a 6th. Nic rode 3 decent laps, nothing special but again pulling another 4th. Next on the agenda shows the whole team heading the UCI World Championships. Until next summer, catch ya later PA. 📷 @bmxmania

Friday, Jul 4, 2014

@brooooklynnn was on it today, not dropping a single lap! Looked super strong and consistent. She’s ready for the World Champ jersey. Elite men saw @csharrah24 @niclong_64 and @kurtpickard pulling all day. Winning most of their motos through the day. Semis were kind to Kurt and Nic but Corben struggled on the gate a bit then crashed into turn one, ending his day. Finals showed Nic and Kurt on the inside of the ram and when the gate slammed, Kurt was out in a hurry. Sadly short lived as he dropped a pedal after the first jump letting Sam slide by. Nic drove through the middle, tangling with Justin Posey all the way down the straight. Held on and scored a 4th out of 30 elite men. On to tomorrow where Corben will be on a mission for that top spot and Brooke will defend her day one result. #summertour2014

Friday, Jul 4, 2014

Haro Race team showed up to South Park looking a little different. After over a solid year and a half with Nema, the team decided to part ways and try something new. This weekends gear is just a trial run, but prepare yourself for the next batch of custom sublimated jerseys by @aliusmx. Thanks for the quick turn over Bruce, printed and sent in three days. #summertour2014

Thursday, Jul 3, 2014

Pits are up and ready for this weekends showdown here in South Park. Gunna be some fast paced racing and excited fans with finally some jumps to jump! @brooooklynnn @csharrah24 @kurtpickard @niclong_64 looking for some solid laps and to stay off the ground to go into the World Championships fresh! Stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend on results from these heavy hitters! Also swing by for autographs and goodies from @harobmx @vansbmx66 and @bellbikehelmets #summertour2014

Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014

Team’s all ready for South Park BMX this weekend here in Pittsburg, PA. With the addition of @brooooklynnn, look for all 4 to make atleast one podium this weekend. @csharrah24 has won atleast 1 day at this race for the past two years so don’t expect anything less for this weekend. All three boys made the podium last year on Sunday, so needless to say they all love this place. 📷 @bmxmania

Tuesday, Jul 1, 2014

After their training this morning the boys enjoyed a few different terrains there at Ohio Dreams! Progression section with the 55ft table @csharrah24 hits and the super fun and floaty trails. Followed by a dip in the pool. #summertour2014

Monday, Jun 30, 2014

The boys enjoyed their day off after The Rock, by riding a bit at Ohio Dreams then the rest of the late afternoon fishing. @niclong_64 looking ridiculous while @csharrah24 caught his very first fish! And Kurt was in the car when we got to the lake but we lost him…. #summertour2014

Sunday, Jun 29, 2014

Solid weekend here at The Rock for the boys! All three made both elite mains and today @kurtpickard and @niclong_64 were on the podium once again. This time coming up on a little more cash. Kurt and Nic drag raced down the first straight out of gates 6-7 and battled for the holeshot (Kurt obviously taking it) Nic had some battling in and after the first turn with French rider Joris Daudet but finally securing 2nd after the second turn. @csharrah24 had some issues with gate timing but regardless he made two more mains at The Rock, than last year. As a bonus, Corben did throw a massive X-up in the final yesterday. Ohio Dreams is next on the agenda so stay tuned for updates on that! #summertour2014

Saturday, Jun 28, 2014

Elite Men final done and in the books here for Day 1 at The Rock. Haro boys took 1,2,3 in their semi all together, come main time @csharrah24 got held up on the outside after pulling all day. @kurtpickard rode strong and fast as usual here on this drag strip and slipped in for the 2nd behind David Herman. @niclong_64 had a bit of strategy and rode smart in the final knowing where he was fast and where he wasn’t. Tires held up luckily and was able to finish up in 3rd. Rain coats are ready for tomorrow… 📷 @bmxmania