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Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

Some final prep today for the final World Cup of the year. Guess who’s home soil its on again? Home town kid @niclong_64 will be doing it in front of friends and family.

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

@csharrah24 leading the pack at last weekends Big Money Pro Am in St. Louis.

Sunday, Sep 14, 2014

@brooooklynnn on her way to a 4th place in South America. Look for her to be battling it out for the top spot in Chula Vista in a couple weeks. đź“· @bmxmania

Friday, Sep 12, 2014

@csharrah24 showing Argentina how the Carbon is supposed to be ridden.

Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014

@csharrah24 has a new secret weapon on display at interbike. Rumored to weigh in at 14.3lbs, good luck snapping this guy outta the gate.

Tuesday, Sep 9, 2014

The longest trip of the season has finally come to a safe end. With the journey beginning in Louisville, KY followed by the most insane travel itinerary to Santiago Del Estero, Argentina the Haro team has nearly landed safely in their local airports.

Louisville brought some great race action Friday evening with Corben in the Elite men final and Brooke pulling another podium just behind fellow American, Alise Post. Saturday and Sunday however brought some unfavored southern weather. The whole team qualifying into their respected finals, though results not showing desired outcomes.

Wash clothes, pack bags, and getting a good nights rest followed Sundays finals, because Monday was going to be a burn…

The real journey began Monday morning, with the first flight from Louisville to Houston. Quick layover into a 10.5hr snooze cruise to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following that, was a 1.5hr bus ride to a smaller airport for another 3hr flight….. Only to once again jump on a yet another bus for 3+ hours to arrive finally at our hotel in Santiago Del Estero. Timed at 26hrs total travel time for one single trip… Wow!

With that much travel, and being around all the people, Nic and Brooke along with a few other US riders caught alittle congestion and sniffles. Not to slow them down though, the team showed great team spirit while representing the USA on their Haro Carbons.

Nic and Corben would ride strong all day but their day would unfortunately come to an end in their semi final. Racing one another and placing 6th-7th. Nearly missing the cut for the final.

Brooke, like the rest of her awesome SX season was in the final. After riding almost perfect all day she would barely miss the podium with a 4th place! However, with that 4th place, she would now move into title contention for the overall SX series that ends in Chula September 26th.

Stay tuned for training updates throughout this month while the team trains for The SX final in Chula Vista.

đź“· Mike Carruth, Jerry Landrum, and unknown.