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Monday, Dec 15, 2014

@csharrah24 and @niclong_64 (looking stiff) Tulsa đź“· @bmxmania

Sunday, Dec 7, 2014

@niclong_64 representing a faux Vintage Haro plate at the Grands

Friday, Dec 5, 2014

@csharrah24 on his way to both elite men main events in Tulsa… In his new @aliasmx custom gear

Monday, Dec 1, 2014
Monday, Dec 1, 2014

What a way to finish off another solid year for the Haro Pros and the Haro/Promax team alike.

Our Pros all made every final for the 2014 season ender. Brooke, Corben and Nic all brought their Haro Carbons to the Greatest Race on Earth and put them in the main events!

Brooke rode amazing, slicing and dicing with the World Champ/ Oly Gold Medalist and US national champ, to find herself a 3rd and a 2nd. With her results she was able to secure the #2 overall in Elite Women. Congrats Brooke!!

Elite men was stacked, as you could imagine. With the only Olympic Gold medalist and current USABMX national champion, as well as an abundance of other top athletes… It’s was not easy for Corben and Nic. However, they put in the necessary work to make it to the top 8.

Corben, with some bad luck, would fall just short of the podiums and ended up top 10 in AA Pro for the season.

Nic, would ride consistent for all his laps, only making minor mistakes in the technical pro set. Keeping it together on Friday nights, ROC race… Nic would pull a huge podium with a 3rd. Come Grands, and the three final laps of the year, it would be a roller coaster for Nic… With a 5-1-8 in the three mains, Nic would place a solid 4th and end up 5th overall in AA Pro.

As far as the Factory Team ranks are concerned, there was no other bet besides the Haro/Promax team. Donavon Long knows BMX probably better then anyone, and how to put together a world class team. So what would you expect out of his team? #1 of course… Congrats Big Don on inching closer and closer to that title of Greatest Factory Team manager of all time.

Until next year, cheers my friends.

đź“· Mike Carruth- Jerry Landrum- Jason McGuire

Friday, Nov 28, 2014

Solid day here with both @brooooklynnn and @niclong_64 placing 3rd for the ROC race here in Tulsa. Tomorrow is a new day and big @csharrah24 will on the hunt to better his Top 8 today