USABMX Super Nationals - Desoto, TX

Last weekend was stop #3 on the USABMX Pro Series at the infamous Metroplex BMX in Desoto, TX. Metroplex has a roof over their track because you never know if the Super Nationals weekend will bring rain, snow, wind, or just brutal heat. This year, we started off with a Tornado warning for Friday evening with a couple mild showers on Saturday and full on rain storms by Sunday.

The Haro/Promax Factory Team went about their winning ways as usual as Rusty Nesvig destroyed the A-Pro class for his 3rd pro win of the season. Amateur racing got underway and Madelynn Desantis took the win in 9-10 mixed open, the followed by Jack Parkin in 7-8 open, Kevin Pauls in 13-14 open, Andrew Townsend in 17-20 open, Wes Jones in 21-24 open, Madelynn again in 10 & under girls cruiser, Brooke Craft in 10 girls, Madelynn for her 3rd win of the day in 10 girls, and Kevin Pauls in 14 expert. With all those wins, the team brought home a 2nd for the day to show how stacked team competition is.

Sunday was similar as Rusty started it off with the win in A-Pro and Andrew Townsend sealed the deal with the win in the stacked 17-18 expert class, the biggest class of the weekend with 43 entrees. The rider count win from Andrew stepped up Saturday's 2nd with a 1st on Sunday. The defending National Champs still lead the Factory points chase on the race to Tulsa in November.

Haro pros Nic Long & Corben Sharrah could be seen out front throughout the weekend, but the end result for them wasn't what they were looking for. Corben made the final on Saturday and ended up 8th, while Nic came 5th in the semi. On Sunday, Corben was looking good with a win first round but a pretty hard slam second round ended his day early. Nic had a rough day Sunday as well but both riders are looking on to Manchester next weekend where they'll join their team mates Brooke Crain and Kurt Pickard for round #1 on the UCI World Cup series.

Haro Team at US National Championships.

Last weekend was the US National Championships for the Junior & Elite classes, held at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. This was a small event because it wasn't a national stop for the amateur classes, but the best American pros were battling for the honor to wear the elusive American Flag sleeve on their jersey for the next year. 

In Elite Men, there were 20 entrees split between 4 racks while Elite Women only had 7 riders. Last years winner, Nic Long was back on track after a long hiatus from the supercross track along with team mate, Corben Sharrah. Both of the Haro boys were running out front all day and landed spots in the Elite Men main event. In the main though, it was Steven Cisar with the holeshot and the lead until the last turn where Barry Nobles made an inside move holding both riders atop the turn while Connor Fields went for the high-low pass and the eventual win. Meanwhile our guys had to settle for the 7th & 8th spots after getting jammed up in the pack. 

It was a total points race for the ladies class which meant lowest points after 3 rounds of racing wins the overall. Our girl Brooke Crain was charging hard as usual and was a definite favorite to win, but had to settle for 3rd overall behind Alise Post & Felicia Stancil. Congrats on the podium Brooke!

Sunday was the Continental Championships which was basically a repeat of Saturday's event where the only thing different was the riders jersey. Everyone represented their countries colors for a showdown between US, Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately it was a windy day and it seemed like many riders were timid on the bigger track in those conditions. There was some big crashes in the qualifying rounds so the Elite Men main event looked a bit different from the day before, and Nic Long had to sit it out after a 5th in the semi. Corben went on to finish 4th for the day while Brooke moved up to 2nd, both grabbing some of the cash they left on the table the day before. 

Overall, the team looked great and the boys will be back on the track this weekend in Desoto, TX for the USABMX Super Nationals. Brooke will sit this one out as she prepares for the first round of UCI Supercross in Manchester, England the following weekend.

Haro/Promax Still On Top in Phoenix

Last weekend was one of the biggest events on the USABMX National tour, the Winter Nationals out in Phoenix, AZ. The Winter Nationals are home to one of the smoothest, fastest tracks on the series, but the downside is Arizona's brutal dry heat and wind. With over 300 motos and temperatures 85+ last weekend, the 'Winter' Nationals held up to its reputation, and the racing was intense.

Saturday saw the pro debut of 2012's National #1 Amateur, Rusty Nesvig. Rusty went about his winning ways never dropping a lap winning all his qualifying rounds, semi, and all 3 main events on his Haro Carbon for the overall & the $600 check. Look for Rusty to breeze his way through A-Pro and into the Elite ranks in no time, congrats bud!

The defending National #1 Factory Team, Haro/Promax brought home the win both days in the Factory ranks with notable wins on the weekend from Brooke Craft in 9 year old girls, Madelynn Desantis in 10 year old girls, Madison Martinez in 13 year old girls, Bryant White in 13 expert, Kevin Pauls in 14 expert, Walker Finch in 16 expert, and Andrew Townsend in 17 expert. Great job to you guys as well as legendary TM, Donavon Long. 

Stop #2 of the Pro Series is next weekend in Oldsmar, Florida so make sure and say hello to Nic Long, Corben Sharrah, and Brooke Crain! -DB

CLiQ Pro Hubs Are In Stock!

Just got the CLiQ Pro Hubs in stock today. Here's the rundown

Rear hub is an alloy shell with a 15mm thru axle, it has an engagement ring with 120 teeth, and the driver has 3 pawls that have 10 teeth each. It's near instant engagement, matte black, and 1lb 1oz. It comes with a 16t cog. 

The front hub is an alloy high-flange shell with 20mm thru axle, it's matte black and weighs 9oz.

The rear hub is $267 and the front is $95

You can purchase online from Dans, J&R, and any other authorized Haro dealers.

USABMX Season Opener - RENO, NV

It feels like we were wrapping up the 2013 season in Tulsa just a couple weeks ago, but last weekend in Reno was the start of 2014 in Reno, Nevada. A bit of a slow start for both our amateur program and our factory pros, but it was a good opportunity to dust off the bike after a much needed holiday to celebrate the end of a great year in 2013 with an overall Factory Team title and all of our pros inside the top 5 respectively. 

Saturday started off good for Nic, who won all of his qualifying laps until the first main where he went into the first turn in 2nd, sliding out and getting ran over by the pack. He was banged up after that and rolled through for a snowman overall, pulling his entry for Sundays race. Brooke looked good in her qualifiers and stayed consistent throughout the day to bring home a 3rd overall for the day. Good job Brooklyn. Tragedy struck on Friday night for Corben Sharrah who got news of his grandfathers passing, and his mind wasn't in a good place for race day. He'll be back on the box in Florida for round 2. 

Haro/Promax brought home a 2nd overall on Saturday in the Factory Team race, good job to those guys!

Sunday was looking a bit dim with Nic on the sidelines, Corben mentally deflated, and Brooke out there charging it as usual until the 3rd main event when she took a pretty gnarly slam that looked like it could have put her out for a couple months. Luckily though, she's tough and is gonna be just fine. The amateur team brought home a 5th for the day, which may be their worst finish since forming a year ago. Can't win em' all though, and this is a start to a long season. We'll see you in Florida for round #2!

Haro Team in Tulsa for USABMX Grand Nationals

Dubbed "The Greatest Race on Earth" with a record smashing 714 motos, the ABA Grand Nationals was nothing short of amazing and the Haro crew capped the 2013 season off with a bang!

Friday was the ROC (Race of Champions) and our NZ Haro shredder Kurt Pickard hit the podium with a 3rd, Brooke Crain also got a 3rd while Nic Long ended up 6th for the day. 

Saturday was the big day for the pros, and our whole team made the night show. Kurt Pickard holeshotted the first pro main event and took it to the line with Nic in 2nd. What a way to start the night! Nic went on to get 2nd, 2nd, 2nd in the main events which got him a 2nd overall for the day and 3rd overall for year end AA Pro standings. Corben ended up getting 5th overall for the day and Kurt finished 6th after some bad luck in the 2nd and 3rd mains. It was amazing to have 3 Clutch frames in the 8 man final. 

Brooke was on a mission and riding more aggressive than we've ever seen. She ended up winning the 3rd Girl Pro main event and finishing 2nd overall for the night, and 3rd overall for the year.

Saturday night was also the NAG 5 Challenge where the top 5 riders from 15 expert, 16 expert, 17-18 expert and 19-27 expert go head to head. Our guy Rusty Nesvig won the main event uncontested. Congrats Rusty.

Sunday was amateur day, and with wins from Bryant White, Connor Defrain and Rusty Nesvig, along with a 4th place by Andrew Townsend in 17-18 expert with 105 riders signed up, Haro/Promax secured the 2013 USABMX National #1 Factory Team title. An amazing weekend for our pros and amateurs alike. Congrats everyone and thanks for all your hard work out there.

It's 1am and we've just finished up for the weekend, a mission but well worth it. Nic and I are back on the road headed for San Diego at 8am. See everyone in Reno to kick off 2014. Cheers. -DB44

Haro Clutch Production Frames.

Last year in Tulsa at the ABA Grand Nationals, we debuted the plastic mold of what would evolve into the Clutch carbon frames. This year in Tulsa will be the debut of the finished product production models ridden by Corben Sharrah, Nic Long, Brooke Crain and Kurt Pickard. These frames will be available for purchase in the US just before Christmas as they're slated to arrive on the 16th. $1100 MSRP

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible and all the worlds best who helped test it. 

Frame design colab: DB44, Phil Tinstman, Wayne Doran
Graphic design: Nick Henry
Images: DB44

Disney Cup - Orlando, FL

Last weekend in Orlando, FL was the last national event of the 2013 race season. This season has been action packed and it's hard to believe we're already heading into the Grand Nationals in less than a month. 

Orlando was a 3 day event which opened the door for leaders to either extend their lead or to give other riders some striking distance going into Grands. Brooke, Nic and Corben all rode awesome and consistent throughout the weekend and hit the podium at least once each.

Aside from racing, the highlight of the weekend was the old school throwback Haro uniforms that Nic got made for the team. They were a huge hit with long time Haro fans, and the new school alike. Check them out in some of the photos below with Nic and Corben throwing some late 80's inspired style. Thanks to NEMAbrand for knocking these out for us!

In Elite Men, Sam Willoughby went about his winning ways and won all 3 days of the event bringing his overall win tally to 17 on the season. He'll have the title wrapped up for the season already which is a crazy feat. Corben was a force on day two and rode consistent throughout the 3 mains to end up with a 2nd place overall after crashing in the semi the first day. The overall year-end title chase between 2nd and 5th are pretty close, and it looks like Corben will go into Grands with the shot at ending the season in the top 3 of Elite Men. 

Nic Long has been sitting 2nd for the majority of the year, but with a couple bad races over the last two months, he's left the door open for Connor Fields and David Herman, falling back to the 4 spot. Sunday in Orlando was his last bid for the season and he managed a 3rd overall after a crash in the 2nd main event. With a good showing at the Grands, Nic will have a shot at 2nd overall for the year. He'll get it done.

In Elite Women, the class was dominated all weekend by Olympic Gold Medalist, Mariana Pajon. She needed 3 wins to close the gap between herself and current points leader, Alise Post. Our girl Brooke didn't let her get away easy though, and was pressuring her each and every lap, riding more aggressive than we've ever seen. Brooke ended up with two 2nd place overall finishes and one 3rd place for the weekend. She goes into Grands in 3rd place overall, and although it would be a long shot, she has a chance to pull off the overall title for the season as her list of finishes for the year are nothing but 1st and 2nd place finishes. 

Our amateur team, Haro/Promax, lead by USABMX National #1 Amateur Rusty Nesvig, brought home two 2nd place finishes over the weekend. If we aren't leading the Factory Title chase, we're in a close second and plan to lock it up next month. See you guys in TULSA!

Kurt Pickard USA Campaign 2013 video

Kurt killed it on his 6 week trip to America, getting his first single main win in Salt Lake, his first podium in Rockford, and his first overall win in Southpark. Good job Kurt!

Pickard and Sharrah On Top In Pittsburgh

Just wrapped up day one of racing here at the Stars and Stripes National in Pittsburgh. Some of the most hot and humid conditions of the series thus far, but the legendary Southpark BMX made for some great racing as usual. Our guys Nic, Corben, and New Zealand/Haro Kurt Pickard were holding down the Elite class. All the boys looked great all day, winning most of the laps they were in. Nic had a bit of bad luck coming unclipped in his semi final and ending his day early, but when the gate slammed in the final, Kurt was out on top from the start. Corben was 3rd to the first turn, but with his effortless style and flow, he easily passed into 2nd and finished just behind Pickard at the line. Chalk up a 1 and 2 spot on the box for the boys on Haro Clutch frames. I held it down in the A-Pro class, but my fitness level mixed with the heat and humidity was only good enough for a 7th place in the main event. Stoked to make the main anyway, even though it felt like I had my office chair attached to my seatpost come main time. 

Pittsburgh has been good to us this week, we got to ride a couple days on the track and the rain left us alone. We weren't so lucky in Ohio, as the rain had the track underwater the entire week we were at Ohio Dreams Camp. We did get a couple sessions in on the trails, and a few indoor skatepark sessions with the campers. A huge thanks to Chris and Justin at Ohio Dreams for their hospitality all week. That camp is top notch and I definitely recommend visiting! 

Tomorrow is day 2 of racing here in Pittsburgh, and then Nic and I are back on the road heading 2200 miles to Las Vegas for next weekends national. Enjoy the photos, and cheers to Daniel Franks for the action shots of Kurt & I. Chat soon! -DB44