Sunday, Apr 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to Jason Watts!!! He’s getting ready to return to USA. Are you all excited??

Jason rides an Haro SDv2.

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015

Young ripper Jadin Covert took first today at the Woodward West Am contest in the age group 14-16 class!!!! Jadin rides a 19.5" Haro La Bastille frame with Lineage parts.

Friday, Apr 24, 2015

Haro Trio trip in the north of France consisting of Haro UK riders Dean Cueson, Angus Gough and Brad McNicol.
There’s also an article in Soul BMX mag #86

Filmed and edited by Vincent De La Rue.

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015

Seatgrab X with a foot off. Ryan Nyquist has ridden for Haro for 18 years. Respect this legend!

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015

Repost from our brand manager John Buultjens. He is obsessed with Haro and now has 45 complete’s. His love for the brand and passion goes right into everything John works on today.

Monday, Apr 20, 2015

Colton Walker may not of been the first to get this bar/whip combo, but he has totally perfected it and added a bar out. What a weekend he had Simple Session!

This Wisconsin kid is the real deal and he rides a Haro La Bastille frame with Lineage parts.