Monday, Jul 6, 2015

Pretty excited for this UK powerhouse Dean Cueson to ride the Vans US Open Van Doren Invitational this year. July 29-Aug 2 Huntington Beach, CA.

Video by Tom Justice.

Sunday, Jul 5, 2015

Best wishes to Jason Watts who was involved in a car accident in Austin, Texas. The other car at fault had a drunk driver behind the wheel.

Jason has a broken collarbone and won’t be doing much for the next 6 weeks. He’ll be back is action doing opposite tables like this soon.

Colin Mackay photo.

Saturday, Jul 4, 2015

The 2015 Haro Downtown comes in at under $300 MSRP.

Shown here in Red, there’s also one with blue tires and a third white frame option. Happy July 4th.

Friday, Jul 3, 2015


Fakies need to make a comeback. Ron Wilkerson in 1987.

Ron Wilkerson podcast on snakebitebmx HERE

Friday, Jul 3, 2015

DMC getting rad as he does.

Worldwide BMX Day is approaching.. Where are you going to ride on 7/20?

Thursday, Jul 2, 2015


Bob Haro!