Monday, Feb 20, 2017

This is how Matthias Dandois travels the world for flights.

His signature mode Haro La Bastille packed for another adventure.

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

‪Tuesday February 21 we go live on DIG BMX with a Jason Watts feature.

Video by Christian Rigal for Haro BMX

Friday, Feb 17, 2017

The sessions to warm up in Mexico weren’t a normal roll at the park with the crew we had.

Here’s Chad Kerley getting the blood flowing before a day on the streets at the Aguascalientes park.

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

Get behind the bars of Ryan Nyquist and enjoy this perspective of a “Nothing”.

Watch Ryan’s latest VLOG on YouTube!!!

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

X Games winner, NORA Cup winner… This frame can handle it all. The Dennis Enarson signature Haro pro frame is available now.

Dennis rides a 21.25" TT.

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

The longest street line ever! One Line with Chad Kerley on a busy SD Campus.

Filmed by Doeby.

See the full line on Ride BMX

Monday, Feb 13, 2017

Tomorrow we get to see a One Line from Chad Kerley on Ride BMX. Can’t even imagine how this ends up.

9am Pacific on Ride BMX 2/14

Doeby on camera.

Monday, Feb 13, 2017

Road trips are generally over a weekend or maybe a week… Matthias Dandois just returned home to Paris after 2 months on the road!

Enjoy home time brother.

Photo: Colin Mackay for Haro BMX

Saturday, Feb 11, 2017

Our last day in Mexico today.

We have a signing tonight at Rich Bikes in Guadalajara at 7pm. We will be on time tonight!

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017

‪CK on the streets of Mexico. He has been filming some fire clips on this trip!

Video coming soon…

Mexiharo | Chad Kerley ‬

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017

Haro teams have been touring for over 30 years. Today we’re in Aguascalientes, Mexico. So many great memories over the years and so much history with this brand. Thanks for the support.

#mexiharo Mike Gray, Chad Kerley, Tyler Fernengel, Dennis Enarson, Matthias Dandois

TM - Colin Mackay

Video duties - Christian Rigal

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017

Old is new and we have been slowly adding more parts to our remake tribute collection.

Most of our key accounts can get these items so check with them!

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017

We rode all day yesterday, jumped in the rig and drove 3 hours to Celaya | Casa Av Bike stop. This was the scene awaiting us.

Thank you for the support Mexico!

MEXI HARO I Chad Kerley

Xtreme Bike on Facebook for more details on the rest of the stops.

Monday, Feb 6, 2017

Mike Gray arrived to Mexico with a new setup… He’s now riding a Matthias Dandois signature La Bastille pro frame. Mike stepped up to a 21" toptube and is handling it no problem.

We have a few stops left on the Mexico tour with Leon or Guadalajara coming up, see the mexiharo schedule…

 Learn more about the La Bastille

Photo: Colin Mackay

Sunday, Feb 5, 2017

7 Truck master Ryan Nyquist giving the Simple Session crowd a show yesterday.


Saturday, Feb 4, 2017

We have this painting hung at our headquarters in San Diego. It’ll never come down. It’s there to inspire us.

RIP Mirra | One year on.

Thursday, Feb 2, 2017

Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Maxime Charveron and Jason Watts (Pictured) received automatic invites for the Vans BMX Pro Cup Series opener, March 3-5 in Sydney, Australia.

Thursday, Feb 2, 2017

Couldn’t imagine doing any of these moves moments after waking up but Ryan Nyquist has been programming this stuff for years.

Ryan is working of his YouTube channel some more so if you like what you see, subscribe

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017

Jason Watts has been fairly low key back in Australia healing up a wrist injury he had most of 2016.

He has been preparing a dream bus he plans on doing many trips in this year and some more good news is he completed a Haro video part that he and Christian Rigal worked on.

We are getting it ready to drop soon… Get pumped…

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017


BMX ain’t easy! Here are the unfortunate outtakes from Chad Kerley​’s 2015 Cinema BMX​ part.

Video by Will Stroud & Christian Rigal. 

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