Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016

In August 2013 we introduced Jason Watts to the Haro team with a video we scrambled to film in roughly 24hrs. Jason pulled off a solid 4 minute part and the rest is history.

Video by Miles Rogoish.

Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016

2017 Haro catalog cover boy Mike Gray going BIG!

The new bikes are available now!

Photo: Joey Cobbs

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016


Wall to Wall Freestyle is brewing up some goodness right now. We jumped on board the project and these very limited Slip-On’s can be yours!

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016

DENNIS ENARSON HARO SDv2 signature pro model complete bike, frame and fork out NOW!!!

Photo: Colin Mackay for Haro BMX

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016

He’s 37 years of age and he jumped in his car and drove 6hrs south with a buddy to SoCal to ride a mini-ramp comp at the Vans park like it was 1998.

We already know Ryan Nyquist is the man and he put on a show at the Vans park on Sunday night! Not for prize money, not for sponsors, he just went and had a good time. He even ended up winning the “Best Trick” title with a suicide 540.

Thank You for all you do Ryan!

(Ryan got home at 4am Monday morning after the big drive home and went straight into Dad duties. Unreal!)

Video by Vital BMX

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016

Tyler Fernengel’s weapon of choice.. Haro “TF” frame with Demolition parts.

Read a quick catch up interview on the Demolition site and re-watch his wild Haro video part we dropped a couple weeks back.

Monday, Dec 5, 2016

Chad Kerley Looking good! He’s riding a sample CK frame. Look for these out by June 2017.

Sorry for the delay, we had to get the frame just right before we made an order.

Mark it twice, cut it once…

Monday, Dec 5, 2016

Oh boy! Ryan Nyquist x Matthias Dandois combo at the Vans contest at The Block yesterday.

Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel Chad Kerley and Mike Gray also were in the house. Such a good event!

Stand with Scotty!!!

Sunday, Dec 4, 2016

Mike Gray’s current choice of bike. A Haro SDv2 frame and fork with a mix of Haro Lineage and Premium BMX parts.

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016

Tomorrow | Sunday December 4 | Vans The Block | Matthias Dandois X Ryan Nyquist | Miniramp, Flatland and Street rail contests.

Be there if you can!!!!

We sponsored the event and have a remake Freestyler to auction off! #standwithscotty

📹 Veesh

Friday, Dec 2, 2016

Someone turns 50 later this month!!!


And he still rides 3-4hrs a day! What a man.

Friday, Dec 2, 2016

Brian Blyther dropping a one-handed can-can with Wilkerson on deck approving.

Wall to Wall Freestyle is getting set to launch a Freestyle history book project with a ton of great Haro content from the deepest archives.

There’s over 50 contributors and 100 collectable packages up for grabs.

Dom Phipps is behind the project. Dom assisted with our Haro History books volume 1 and 2.

Thursday, Dec 1, 2016

This Sunday! The Vans park in Orange County, CA. Confirmed Haro riders… Matthias Dandois, Ryan Nyquist and am Jadin Covert.

Should be a fun one!

Thursday, Dec 1, 2016

In a world of vlogging BMX’s, Ryan Nyquist​ was doing them back in 2012! Let’s look back at Getting Awesome Episode 1 - How to Bar Ride with Mike Hucker Clark.

Also, don’t forget about Ryan’s Haro XX twenty year anniversary pro frame will be available in a couple months…

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016

This rules! Chad Kerley continuing with his Haro CK frame testing.. Look for this beauty to be out and available closer to mid 2017.

Video: Dennis Enarson

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

Love seeing the new builds! This La Bastille is in Sacramento, CA. Thanks for the support Chucky.

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

Captured at 1am in Iceland! The days just never want to end in summer there!

See Matthias Dandois in “The Palmistry Guide” now showing on DIG BMX

Photo by @vincentperraud

Monday, Nov 28, 2016

Jason Watts is back home in Australia after an 8 month stay in the States. It’s been a fun year with him around.

See you in 2017 brother!

Photo: Colin Mackay for Haro BMX

Monday, Nov 28, 2016

A fan remixed all of Chad’s Instagram clips for 2016. 4 minutes of hammers for sure!

This clip in from our Haro Rico trip

Clip by Christian Rigal

Sunday, Nov 27, 2016

3 hammer clips from Tyler Fernengel’s Haro video part we dropped on Tuesday.

Video by Christian Rigal for Haro BMX.

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