2018 Kids Bikes

Shredder Series
Shredder Pro Series

Remember your first bike?

Of course you do; we all do! And we at Haro want to help make those memories the best that they can possibly be.

We understand that investing in a good quality bike for your child is reassuring. Every Haro bike we make is safe, strong and reliable. That’s why we back every Shredder Series bike with a limited lifetime warranty. That’s the parent in us!

We are well aware that a bike not only needs to function but it also needs to feel good and look cool. We ensure that every Shredder series bike carries the same DNA as our flagship models costing much more.

Pad sets and training wheels

(Shredder 18, Shredder 20 does not include training wheels)

Featuring 990 brakes, 25/9 gearing with a freewheel and the look of a core freestyle bike.

Every Mom and Dad looks forward to those magical milestones as a child grows up. The first word and those first few steps often happen without warning and these special moments become treasured memories.

It's hard to know who gets more excited when it's time to buy that first bicycle; is it the child or the parent? At Haro, we understand the magnitude and importance of this decision and the all-new 2018 PreWheelz by Haro range has been specifically designed to ensure that you make the right one. Utilizing a 6061 aluminum frame* for 2018, these lightweight, stylish and affordable balance bikes are inspired by almost 40 years of industry experience and our continued motivation to put great kids on great bikes. Ultimately, that’s the beauty of the PreWheelz line; you will never need a second chance to make an everlasting first impression. PreWheelz, balance that counts.

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