2016 Collection

At the heart of every mountain bike we make is the desire to restore the original spirit of the sport of mountain biking to the rider - the excitement and joy of riding purely for fun and recreation. With a simple, yet hedonistic zeal for the thrill of a great ride, our message is simple - "Refuse to Follow".

Taking inspiration from Haro's heritage in BMX, we've designed mountain bikes that "dare to be different", are aesthetically striking, and equipped them with all the necessities required for an exceptional mountain biking experience. And unlike most of its competitors, Haro MTB maintains performance capabilities well beyond its price range.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, Haro will help you to sidestep the industries notion that Mountain biking should be an expensive and pretentious sport consumed by status, and let you focus more on the free spirited and unencumbered source of outdoor entertainment you so richly deserve.