Blends high modulus super stiff and light T-700 unidirectional carbon fiber with innovative design features including oversized tapered head tube, massive downtube and BB92 bottom bracket delivering a high level of torsional stiffness to optimize power transfer.

Custom proprietary lightweight 6000 series double butted aluminum designed to the specific needs of 29” wheels to be lightweight, responsive and durable. Additional features include an integrated oversized 1 1/8"-1 1/2" tapered headtube, custom spec Speedstays to resist twisting and transfer every bit of energy from the pedals to the rear wheel.

Custom proprietary lightweight 6000 series double butted aluminum designed with the specific needs of 27.FIVE to be lightweight, responsive and durable. Additional features include an integrated oversized 1 1/8"- 1 1/2" tapered headtube, custom specification anti-twist Speedstays to put the power to the ground and get you to the finish line first.

Our new 2016 27.5" Plus models provide confidence-boosting control & traction, as well as shorter braking distances, over any type of rough terrain. 27.5" Plus wheel sets provide comfort and suspension to our Subvert hardtail models as well.

All 27.5" Plus bikes are spec’d with complete TCS tubeless-ready wheel sets featuring WTB rims and foldable tires with Aramid beads and 60 thread-per-inch count for lower rotational weight and excellent climbing ability.

Haro’s 3rd generation of Flightline aluminum series of bikes. Custom specification and formed lightweight aluminum tubing fully re-designed to provide reduced weight, lower stand-over height, better handling and overall increased performance.

Strong and durable CNC machined interchangeable dropouts designed to give the option of running a single speed or multi-gear rear derailleur and wheel.

Low standover height:

Most of our 2016 models feature revamped or brand new low standover height frame designs for a lower center of gravity, aggressive look and riding characteristics, easy mounting and dismounting while retaining appropriate wheelbase lengths for a balanced geometry.

15mm thru-axle:

Used on most of our 2016 Shift, Subvert and FLC models, 15mm oversize thru-axles for suspension forks with closed dropouts design provide increased rigidity for additional confidence and control of the front wheel & steering when the action gets rough.

Low forward pivot point:

Available on all 2016 Shift models, our optimized low forward swing-arm axle position reduces squatting of the rear suspension while applying power to the cranks. This improves traction at the rear wheel and balance between front and rear suspension.

142x12mm rear hubs / thru-axles:

Our 142mm wide rear hubs with 12mm alloy thru-axles for closed dropouts design provide increased rear wheel and rear triangle rigidity. Gain up to 30% more stiffness compared to regular quick release dropouts while keeping installation and removal of the rear wheel easy with the Shimano E-type quick-release design. All of our 2016 frames using E-type axles feature a machined axle-nut lock for easy use and a steady Q/R lever position.

Single pivot design:

Available on the Shift S3 model, our Single Pivot design offers a simple, fully efficient suspension system with a reduced number of pivots and bearings for an easy and low-cost maintenance.

Air adjustable suspension forks and shocks:

Air adjustable suspension forks and shocks feature an adjustable air spring, which provides quick and easy sag set-up for any type of rider, style and weight. Easily adjust and balance your suspension while experiencing light weight forks and shocks for a high-end riding experience.

27.5"+ Shift Plus and Subvert bikes: Optimized tire widths

We have selected the width of our 27.5”+ tires in accordance with the requirements and specifications of each model.

The Subvert HT3 and HT5 with short 440mm rear wheelbase and 2x10 gearing are equipped with 3.0" front tires where grip and comfort are paramount and 2.8" power-transferring rear tires where reduced rotating weight and clearance with the front derailleur and chain are critical.

The top of the line Subvert HT7 with its 1x11 gearing and offset chainring, which offer more clearance, is equipped with two 3.0" tires to enjoy the full benefit of the Plus size experience.

The Shift Plus with its 120mm+ of front and rear suspension travel is fitted with two 2.8" tires in order to reduce friction and rotating weight and to fully benefit from a more precise and quicker handling bike with lighter wheels, especially with the TCS tubeless option. Less weight = reduced inertia = faster response and improved climbing ability especially on dual-suspended models.

Boost 148/110mm hubs widths:

All 2016 27.5" Plus bikes feature Boost specs. The wider path for front and rear hubs (110 & 148mm) provides more rigidity to 27.5" Plus size wheels under aggressive riding and cornering conditions.

With a Boost 148 rear hub and compatible crankset, the wider chainline (+3mm) offers more clearance between sprocket, chain and 27.5 Plus rear tires.

All models equipped with Boost 148 rear hub come with an E-type 178mm wide alloy thru-axle with threaded nut.

All 27.5" Plus bikes can be ridden with standard 29" wheels, which, when assembled with Boost hubs, will benefit from the same improvement and will be as rigid as regular 27.5" wheels.

Four-Bar linkage:

The new Haro Four-Bar suspension design offers a more progressive rear suspension function with its additional central linkage and rear wheel pivots to optimize shock behavior, isolate the rear shock from braking forces and keep the suspension active when needed. It also provides increased rigidity between front and rear triangle.

Enduro bearings:

All the 2016 Shift bikes feature Enduro bearings, the leader in the bicycle industry for any type of bearing. With suspension pivots equipped with Enduro bearings, the Shift series bikes will absorb bumps faster and with less maintenance than with most other bearing brands.